Terra Nova Season 1 Episode 11

Watch Terra Nova Season 1 Episode 11 Online – As our Favorite Sci-Fi TV Series is back to its new episode, on Terra Nova Season 1 Episode 11 entitled Within it will focus on the said arrival of the 11th Pilgrimage and as Terra Nova are preparing for war, Then it was when Lucas has just stepped up and invented a mysterious machine to help Terra Nova, While Commander Nathaniel Taylor and Shannon face the mole in Terra Nova.

From the last episode of Terra Nova, Taylor and Mira went to fight in the jungle where Taylor has learned and gained more about the Sixers destructive plans as well as information of the where abouts of his son, and they must try work together successfully against a prehistoric adversaries, As Jim receives information on whose the Sixer mole in Terra Nova that resulted a lock down at Terra Nova as he tries to catch the traitor, meanwhile Zoes Ankylosaur is growing too excessively at Trra Nova, which forces her to make a very difficult decision.

Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 10

Watch Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 10 Online – As the third season of The Vampires Diaries kicks off, here we are again for the first episode of the year The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 10 entitled “The New Deal”.
From the Last Episode Damon and Elena work up a plan to get rid of Klaus permanently. They want to lure Klaus back to Mystic Falls for Mikael to kill. Elena ends up staking Rebekah. Everyone goes to Tyler’s house. Since Mikael is not allowed in, Damon has to be the one to kill Klaus. At the party, Klaus tells Stefan to go get Mikael’s body. Stefan goes to Damon and Mikael to tell him that he’s no longer part of the plan. Mikael feeds on Stefan.
Mikael shows up at Tyler’s house and taunts Klaus about being alone and a coward. Mikael threatens to kill Elena if Klaus does not invite him inside. Klaus counters this by saying he can get his hybrids to kill Mikael at any moment. Klaus does n’t believe Mikael would kill Elena so he eggs him on. But he does. Damon knew about this part of the plan so Elena was actually Katherine. Unfortunately, Katherine was in on the plan too. Damon goes in for the kill when Stefan jumps in and stops him, leaving Klaus free to kill Mikael.

Klaus has ensured that his death means the death of Damon besides. In order to save Damon, Katherine and Stefan both confess that they still care about their loved ones. Damon and Elena finally agree to let Stafan go. Katherine and Stefan plan to get Klaus back for everything by stealing Klaus’ entire dead family.

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House Season 8 Episode 9

Watch House Season 8 Episode 9 Online As Dr. Gregory House played by Hugh Laurie goes on its 8th Season it amazing how it evolve to something more interesting on House Season 8 Episode 9 entitled Better Half.

For to all who didnt catch the last episode Perils of Paranoia the episode was about the House team takes on the case of a state prosecutor Tommy who was said ad an Heart attack but as the team believes is suffering from hyper-anxiety and soon discovered worse the prosecutor has a paranoid delusions. on the otherside Taub and Chase take an interest on Dr. Foremans social life, and meanwhile Park starts got into the swung of things when Dr. House preys on her alledged paranoia, and as Wilson becomes obsessed of knowing if Dr. House really has a gun.

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